What my editor; Katharine Osborne wrote to me about the book in her email:

"The book isn't about modeling or being a model, it's about your journey through life, and not really fitting in anywhere or with any one. You are like a lone piece of a puzzle that's in an entirely different puzzle box. You've tried to fit together with all the other pieces, but it's not going to happen until you find the right puzzle box. Beauty isn't going to sell the story. Your story of being different and not fitting in is what sells the story, because ironically, most people feel that way to some degree, and can relate to the intense emotions even if they can't relate to the specific events. This type of story is so common that it has a name in literature -- it's called "The Hero's Journey" and it's a story about someone discovering who they are and what they are about, whether it's Hercules, Hamlet, Luke Skywalker, or Oprah, and they are often found fighting against tremendous odds to do the right thing that is true to who they are."