Founding partners Andrew M. Edison, David T. McDowell and Thomas F. A. Hetherington, three highly regarded trial attorneys in Houston, Texas, left an Am Law Top-100 firm to provide clients with better customer service at more reasonable rates.   Founded on the core belief that top quality litigation and trial services can be delivered cost-effectively, EMH has established itself as a national firm, with significant depth in the energy, insurance and financial services sectors. EMH’s attorneys handle class actions and complex cases throughout the United States in virtually every area of business and the law. Since its opening in 2009, EMH has expanded to four offices, located in Texas and California.

EMH was founded on two core principles: 1) the client comes first, and 2) outstanding client service can be delivered in a cost-effective manner through lean staffing, reasonable rates, and effective resolution strategies. We put these principles into practice by involving our clients in every step of the litigation process, from the development of litigation-prevention strategies, early case assessments and budgets, through discovery, mediation, motions, trials and appeals.

We are aggressive, honest, and effective advocates for our clients.

Litigation Expertise

Litigation is our specialty. Our team has over 250 years of unsurpassed commercial and civil litigation experience in a broad range of issues. EMH has served as lead counsel in complex lawsuits around the country, at both the trial and appellate levels. We have extensive experience in commercial litigation, appellate work, class action litigation, RICO and antitrust actions, lobbying and high stakes arbitrations. Our attorneys have successfully handled cases across the United States in virtually every area of business and law, including life, health and disability insurance litigation, annuities and other financial product litigation, energy litigation, securities and antitrust litigation, insurance coverage litigation, condemnation and land use litigation, construction and real estate litigation, intellectual property and trade secret litigation, and a wide variety of cases involving business torts, contractual disputes, personal injury and products liability. Our expertise allows clients to turn to us with cases in various stages of litigation and in any jurisdiction, especially when a more seasoned hand is needed on a suddenly risky, high-profile matter.

Nationwide Reach

EMH has represented clients in matters pending in virtually every state in the country. Our business model is built to solve problems for clients coast-to-coast by ensuring a geographically broad base of legal experience. Our clients appreciate that they can hire EMH to represent them in nearly any venue in the country. The continuity in representation by EMH often results in reduced costs to our clients’ bottom line.