We are smart energy people. At Emilygrene Corp. we design and implement energy efficiency and renewable solutions that allow commercial and industrial facilities to drastically reduce energy consumption and costs — whether it be for one location or multiple buildings across the country. Our nationwide team of specialists include local experts who identify each and every utility and/or tax incentive available for your property. All energy consumption facility information is developed, designed, and presented using our environment-friendly cloud-based platform.

Emilygrene, Corp. is an industry leader and continues to be a force in the green energy movement. Based in Southern California with satellite locations in Dallas and the Philippines, Emilygrene, Corp. has surpassed expectations in our five year history and remains at the forefront of innovation. Collaborating on a diverse range of projects from small business to Fortune 500 corporations, we continue to pride ourselves on knowledge, strong relationships, and results.

Green technology is far more than a trend, it is the future of commercial lighting. With a simple energy audit, Emilygrene Corp. can have your business on the path to a full lighting retrofit that pays for itself. Utility and tax incentives make upgrading easy and affordable. We do the hard work so you don’t have to. You can rely on our team of knowledgeable technicians, designers, and project coordinators to ensure your retrofit is completed successfully, affordably, and efficiently.