​Emua originated as a sophisticated women’s wear with great influence from West Africa. The brand was born in 2007 by a Canada based Nigerian Cynthia Kio. Over the years Cynthia has perfected the art of working with variety of African fabrics and fusing them with fabrics from various part of the world to create designs that will appease to women globally.
The designer Cynthia Kio has had the opportunity to travel around the world, get inspiration and pick up skills which she applies to the clothing line. With the skills learnt over the years, the brand has rapidly expanded from just a clothing line to a clothing and accessories line.
As a result of Cynthia’s hardwork, Emua has been a recipient of numerous awards and accolades. In 2008, Cynthia was awarded designer of the year by the Nigeria community in Canada, and was awarded the “Best Fashion Designer” in 2011 by the African Entertainment Awards, also in Canada. Her work has also been featured by major African magazines and blogs including BHF magazine USA, Planet Africa Magazine, BellaNaija and Shadders blog among others.