Our Philosophy

Everyone has something to share. Successful entrepreneurs have overcome business challenges and can provide valuable information to aid new entrepreneurs.Prospective entrepreneurs can also provide advice to seasoned entrepreneurs when discovering new solutions to a particular challenge. By bringing entrepreneurs from all over the globe together, a staggering amount of information becomes available to new and experienced entrepreneurs.

What We Do Well

Whether you are thinking about starting a business, or you are a seasoned entrepreneur, the Zebraheard founders have worked to provide a place to share information.  As experienced business people, we have provided key content to help solve business issues you experience.  Finding answers to your questions has never been easier. If for some reason the Zebraheard site does not have your answer, please email us. We will contact our extensive network to find you a suitable answer. No other site will work harder for your success.

The founders of Zebraheard are committed to delivering knowledge that will help you move ahead. We are in business to help your business!

Experience Does  Matter

Combining technology and a passion to help entrepreneurs achieve their business objectives has allowed us to become a leader in this space. We take great pride in knowing we deliver exceptional value by guiding our members through the entire process of starting a new business, provide start-up advice or grow an existing business.  

Our management team has extensive experience working with new and existing businesses. Our experience encompasses marketing, finance, technology, and media -- plus operations management. We have access to hundreds of experts in the different industries throughout the world. Experience does matter. Zebraheard wants you to know that we are here to help you meet your business objectives.