The Envision Love premarital course helps couples get ready for the big life changes that happen after marriage, and studies have shown that taking a course can reduce chances of divorce by up to 30%. Our course has been approved in all Florida counties, so couples can receive a discount on the cost of their marriage license and skip the 3-day marriage license waiting period.

Some of the many topics covered in the course include:
- Improving Communication
- Respect and Encouragement
- Managing Anger and Conflicts
- Family Changes and Boundaries
- Financial Management
- Looking at the Long-Term
- ... and so much more!

The course was written by Elizabeth Hekimian-Williams, LMHC, NCC, a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida with over 20 years of professional experience providing counseling and other mental health services.  Following many years of specialized work in domestic violence, batterer's intervention, conflict negotiation, and anger management, she refocused her work towards helping couples earlier on in their relationships by developing and offering a premarital preparation course that builds on aspects that have been associated with long-term marriage success.