Erin Kathleen Hurry is a pioneer in using Artificial Intelligence for positive social impact. Her dedication and passion for the use of AI has resulted in innovative programs that bridge the access gap for those disadvantaged in society, enabling them to have self-expression and creativity in their lives.

Erin has spent over 22 years creating platforms for positive social impact, including community programs for those disadvantaged, such as prisoners, both youth and adult, re-entry programs, and employment coaching support programs for the homeless, addicts, single parents, and people with disabilities. Erin's experience has helped her identify the needs of these communities, and she has dedicated her life to providing them with the resources they need to thrive.

In 2002, Erin founded Girls with Goals, an innovative e-commerce social media platform designed to empower women and girls. With Girls with Goals, Erin aimed to provide a safe and inclusive space for women to connect, share ideas, and access tools to achieve their business goals. Through the platform, she built a community of passionate and motivated women who supported one another in their personal and professional growth.

Recently, Erin launched a pilot program called Art by Prisoners, which uses AI to enable prisoners to express themselves creatively. Through this program, prisoners can create expressive art, which creates a sense of validation and builds a better community. Erin has witnessed the incredible positive impact of using AI in art processes, as it opens doors to many who previously could not create art.

As an autistic person, Erin began local programs to teach AI art to those who are disadvantaged, such as those like her who are autistic, disabled, elderly, or for societal reasons. She has found that AI art can have a significant impact on people in our communities, whether at work, home, institutions, or for those who have less access to traditional means of art.

Besides Art by Prisoners, Erin also teaches AI art in AI Art Clinics to organizations and businesses, so they may use it as part of their everyday work processes to show or teach empathy or help others. Through her work, Erin shows AI can create inclusivity and efficiency in various industries, and she offers AI audits for organizations to integrate AI into their processes and workflows.

Erin is a mom of two children who are also autistic, and she lives with them in Virginia Beach. She is an AI coach nationwide to companies and organizations, helping others learn about the positive impact AI can have and how to leverage it for their organizations. Erin is on a mission to teach people about the significant impact AI can have and how it can change lives positively.

Erin's contribution to the AI field since 2007 has earned her recognition as an AI researcher, author, and coach. She authored the book "The Complete Guide To AI Art & Applications for Positive Social Impact," which provides a comprehensive guide for using AI for positive social impact through art. Her innovative approach to using AI for social good has earned her many accolades, including consideration for AI for Accessibility grant, which recognizes her work in using AI to benefit the disabled community.

Erin's dedication to using AI for social good has inspired many people worldwide. Erin is committed to using her expertise to create a better world, and she encourages others to join her mission. Erin has demonstrated that AI can be used as a tool to empower those disadvantaged in society, provide new avenues for creativity and expression, and ultimately create a more inclusive and empathetic world.