Connecting new artists more viral with new fans and companies, create a new business models where the democracy is present and the decision is choice by users opening doors to the market everyone with talent alongside our users and partners, we have already closed agreements with some record labels for mentoring include a major label. while we help them to be part of a new change in the music industry where the user is the Talent Scouter.

The registry consists of three options

Register as an artist:
Any person with talent is free to attend the calls online (castings) and upload the  video cover. The most votes are the winners and enjoy professional opportunities, a record deal, an appearance in a Spot, an interview with important people, or any similar opportunities in each case. along with us and our partners,you go directly to the meeting!!!

Registration as a talent scouter ( or A&R scouter)
If yours is not singing but have a sense of smell to hunt talent you should register as a "Headhunter" or " A&R Scouter". Live the experience of be yourself who decides the future and product, put your hand in the music industry along with others members of the community. ¿may you could be the new Scooter Brawn?

Collect success, along with your artist road to success,create your own roster artist!

Registration as a company:

When an entertainment company registers in our platform enjoys many advantages, the most important thing is that they can present their opportunities through video campaigns and let the artists put voice to their stories, also  advise by the votes of users even in their own project.

who better to advise the marketing of a company than consumers themselves?,

At Espacio Gloen (Custom artist online) everything is validated through of votes, but finally it is the company who is decided by the winner, the company must offer a reward to the winner, the most usual is an economic compensation, but may also be appearances in media, a promotional set, or anything else that contributes to the artist a profit according to their interests.

Now up to the fruit shop in your neighborhood will have a promotional campaign!

Some more than Brands and Bands!


"Want to get money of an artist who seeks to open doors would be an immorality"


We believe that this will be part of the future of entertainment and the self-creation of the users.

                                 Web landing V.01 ( We will be launching very soon)

Generally focused on small, medium and large companies that want to create a customized corporate artist. Anyone can be the artist all in three simple steps in our form. Now you can create you own artist, it is a crazy!

The contractor or company filled a form where should answer several questions and select preferences and when we receive the form analyze it and we started working on the creation of a personal artist,  we look for among all our users similarities that more they resemble the characteristics desired by the client.

To create an artist based on some criteria that the client has to answer:







A customized online artist is finally selected by the client, but them always get advice by votes from users and ourselves.

The creation of a customized artist usually requires 2 to 3 months where we are working on the artist together with the community, so this is a pay service  and requires card number and a small advancement to ensure us and avoid false clients or dates.

We make sure that the company sign a contract where its commitment with the artist and once this process we let be the artist and the company who working together without us, but the contracting companies will always have our advice and production for future steps together with the artist and of course under the users vote.

The CAO system (Custom Artist Online)  convert the offensive marketing of companies into something more fun, engagement and personal under the power of the music.

Now every history or promo are sung and interpreted by their own artists,

And winning the artist?

Of course! That will depend on each company and what they offer, usually simply to pay economic compensation to his artist, all will be previously negotiated and signed between us, the artist and the contracting company.

That is serious!