Right from the beginning, Every Day Publishing has focused on bite-sized reading for a busy world — whether your taste runs to flash fiction, short poetry, or serialized novels, we bring you the best coffee-break reading anywhere.

In 2007, Jordan Ellinger, Camille Gooderham Campbell and Steven Smethurst launched Every Day Fiction, one of the first daily online flash fiction magazines, at a time when others were still publishing monthly or quarterly issues. Other magazines followed: Every Day Poets in 2008, then Flash Fiction Chronicles in 2009.

Every Day Publishing has most recently launched two new imprints: Every Day Novels, a line of novels in shorter chapters designed for serialization or brief reading opportunities, and Tied Star Books, an imprint for tie-in fiction and other commercial projects.

We are a small independent publisher, and pride ourselves on being truly without borders, with authors and editors and readers all over the world.