My name is Steve Woods and I am a Registered Hypnotist in the UK and Director at Experiential Hypnosis Ltd.

I have been helping groups of people and individuals by using Hypnosis for 12 years.

Specialising in Past Life Regression Hypnosis, I regularly work in this fascinating field. I can also be found working in Life Between Lives and Future Life Progression as well as amazing benefits of hypnosis for health and release.

Based in the Midlands, I travel all over the Country working with individuals and groups to help bring about some amazing positive changes in peoples lives.

I am also available for talks and demonstrations and can often be found at various mind and body events as well as business networking where I offer short FREE "Try Hypnosis" sessions.

I am a Registered Hypnotist and Chinosis Coach with the Academy of Hypnotic Arts and also hold an SNHS diploma in Hypnotherapy.