Experteer, the leading online executive jobs website in the UK and across Europe, features more than 70,000 job opportunities at salaries above £50,000 and a network of 7,000 approved headhunters. This premium service is aimed at experienced executives who are either planning their next career move, or simply wanting to monitor the job market and their own market value. Job opportunities available to subscribed members have been selected by a team of independent analysts, who constantly research the market, then classify each job and apply a salary benchmark. Experteer's proprietary Career Matching System alerts each of the current 2 Million European members to positions that correspond to their qualifications, experience and career goals, including relevant opportunities in new industries, functions, or at new management levels. The online career service also provides job advertising and valuable networking opportunities for headhunters.
Experteer was founded in July 2005 by Holtzbrinck Ventures GmbH, a subsidiary of the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group, and is headquartered in Munich. The UK office is based in London. Further information can be found at www.experteer.co.uk or at the service's domain name for each country in which it operates: .de/.ch/.at/.fr/.it/.be/.es/ .nl/.com.