Extremis Publishing is an independent publishing house based in the heart of Scotland which is dedicated to producing the highest quality of non-fiction in the subject areas of the arts, media and culture. We are committed to the delivery of a publishing programme which is innovative, original and wide-reaching.

The company's sphere of activity involves engagement with a very extensive range of subject matter, and its central objective is to source and promote new writing by its authors with the goal of reaching out to a readership both in the United Kingdom and throughout international markets. We are presently involved in developing a number of forthcoming titles for release, and are dedicated to building the company's portfolio of texts as it seeks to diversify its catalogue of publications.

Founded by brother and sister publishing team Dr Tom Christie and Julie Christie in 2015, Extremis Publishing regularly gives presentations throughout Britain and takes part in Q&A sessions about the work of the company. We also arrange regular author events and book signings throughout the year. These are publicised via our social media channels as well as on our company website news page, so please keep watching for new events as they are announced.

Extremis Publishing books are available to order through major bookshops and independent retailers in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, as well as in overseas territories including Europe, North America and Australia. Our titles are also available to buy online from Internet retailers.