EZ Angler’s is the ultimate freshwater fishing Ezine. Our objective – to keep the fun in fishing, educate our readers, introduce and promote products and services and support the freshwater fishing community. Whether you just like to throw a hook and bobber or are a weekend warrior or a hardcore tournament angler, EZ Angler offers something for all skill levels and interests. As the tagline suggest, “Catching the Fish is Only Half the Fun” EZ Angler provides readers with a unique editorial mix found on no other freshwater fishing website or in any publication in today’s market.

Updated on an ongoing basis, EZ Angler offers well written articles and video content featuring freshwater fishing tips and tricks, gear and accessory reviews, product showcases, freshwater fishing destinations, resources and links to other great freshwater fishing sites, cooking, beer, spirit and cigar reviews, humor and modern health and living pieces. Visually appealing, EZ Angler showcases its readers and Facebook community Catches of The Day, images of the cutest fishing and outdoor women and its own Wading Babes models.

We want EZ Angler to be your home for freshwater fishing fun and learning and that’s why we’ve created a Forum. With egos checked at the door, the forum lets the EZ Angler community bond, learn, share information, learn, stories, and practically anything you want to talk about.

EZ Angler also encourages our readers to write articles about their own experiences and favorite fishing holes. Don’t worry about whether or not you are a good writer. Our editors can help you clean up your submission for publication. It’s all about supporting one another right! Submissions can be sent to info@ezangler.com – subject line: Article Submission.

Enjoy and Tight Lines!!!!
The EZ Angler Staff.

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