Fabusco is the international fashion lookbook that gives you inspiration on how to dress. We help you find new ways of wearing clothes, thanks to looks captured all around the world!

We need to produce an APP so that everyone can capture amazing styles to share. We do not want to miss out on cool trends because our StyleFinders cannot be everywhere at once! This APP will provide more opportunities to capture the looks that make your area special. Everyone has a distinct style so come share that with the rest of the world. This APP will allow the upload and share process to be much easier.

Find us on Kickstarter and if you like our project help us fund the Fab App:

What is Fabusco.com?

Our goal is to inspire our users to dress fabulous! The website is for people that want to set trends as well as people that need help getting dressed! We strive to capture the looks that make cities around the world unique.

We capture real people in real situations wearing and inspiring amazing styles. This ranges from walking around during the day, to fun parties at night, and local events during weekends! From there, we put the pictures onto www.fabusco.com and people who seek inspiration can search by specific item or location.


Discover our daily items and build your Top 10 Best ways to wear an outfit!

See how people from NYC, London, Los Angeles, Berlin, Singapore, etc. wear the hottest trends of the season from crop tops, denim shorts, to rompers, gladiator sandals and Birkenstock, ...

For more information, HD visuals, Top 10 lists, contact us at info@fabusco.com