Fans Republic is a social network for football fans worldwide providing them with live stats and various interactions such as cheering, game discussions and much more.

FansRepublic.com gives you the opportunity to see and easily access all games results, fixtures, tables, and stats. but that is not all! Only on Fansrepublic.com you have the ability to experience online Interactions with the game, by supporting your team to increase its fans community and the supporters base.

The team that has more fans will be ranked up to the top of the list of all world teams.. to show all the people in the world the most popular and beloved team! Make it your team!

You can also see live matches updates. And to increase the heat of the game, fans can cheer and support their beloved team during the match.. no matter team wins or loses, but a team with more fans is a winner team in our eyes!

We love the game.. We love football!