Faye Bryant is a speaker, coach, and the author of "Ramblings from the Shower | Integrity, Faith and Other Simple Yet Slippery Issues," "Louise," "Coffee, Bible, Journal | Musings From the Comfy Chair with a View" and the soon-to-be released "Elaina."

Faye speaks to groups about life struggles from a history of alcoholic parents, sexual abuse, rape, spousal abuse, parenting an adult addict, and workplace abuses. She shares of her own journey to the brink of suicide and her road to recovery.

Faye is also a certified The Deeper Path coach, teacher, and trainer.

As an author, Faye has published three books:

In "Ramblings from the Shower," Faye broaches such topics as grief, integrity, and faith. She shares an updated telling of the Good Samaritan and how sometimes, God laughs.

In "Coffee, Bible, Journal" Faye shares 40 devotions from her own Bible studies in the quiet place she calls her Comfy Chair with a View - that view being of mountains and pastures.

"Louise" begins the Grandma, Mom, and Me saga. It is the story of a woman who endured trauma as a child, facing death too many times in too short a period. She learns firsthand about the damage done by listening to the wrong people, and how reconciliation is not only possible, it's wonderful.