I'm guessing you're an author who wants to get your book into the hands of readers. You have your story, or at least an idea for your story, but you aren't sure how to stand out above the rest. There are books everywhere you look, making it almost impossible to have yours found, selected, then actually read.

So how are people ensuring their content gets chosen? Let's take a look at YouTubers. They are normal people like you and me, yet they have millions of viewers every week. How does this happen? It's all about S.E.E. (Significant Emotional Events) It's about connecting to your audience and keeping them engaged. YouTubers do this by releasing new videos frequently and conversing in the comment section. Their viewers become loyal fans who always come back for the next release.

Now I know you're an author not a YouTuber. But why not apply the same method? Remember that "easy & free tool" I mentioned? Well, there is a social network called featheread.com that is basically YouTube for books. Instead of writing a whole book then releasing it, write your book one-chapter-at-a-time. Post your first chapter, ending it with a cliffhanger; people will be curious about what happens next. This gets chatter about your book started. More people will start to "tune in" to find out what happens next in your story. At that point, your book becomes more than a book. It becomes alive. The reader can't flip to the back to see the end. It can go anywhere and take any turn. Readers can comment on your book, giving you compliments, critiques, and new ideas. After awhile, you'll gain a large following of readers all waiting to see what you will write next. You will be the one who stands out from the rest.

For quick reference, the site is: Featheread.com