Film Nose is a global platform, window and shop for sale of ready-made video clips for business communication purposes across the world. Creating and producing

We collaborate with and promote video/film artists, song writers and composers the world over.
Film Nose video clips are of 10-60 seconds which you can connect together with other media/graphic material to create your special message.
Simply jiggle the video clips into position in-between a quotation, your logo, product or concept. Add music & sound and you have an eye catching, everlasting message.

The Film Nose was started by Per Lisberg & Janet Spiegal in 2010 with a team of seven and a board of investors from The Southern Danish Technology & Innovation (venture capital).

The company's mission is to develop and sell staged video and audio material to the world market for use in communication and outreach, which gives the viewer a visual, emotional and valuable experience.

"It is the art of storytelling which is the essence of communication, because it involves us emotionally, using our dream-like subconscious language which fascinates us.” (Janet Spiegal).
From this passion to communicate Film Nose was born.