Founded in 1989 with a vision of providing the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art advertising and communications solutions, Finishing Pointe has grown up remarkably to offer wide-ranging branding, advertising, public relations and broad spectrum communications programs that promote clients’ brands and influence target audiences. We offer the best of creativity, dexterity and entrepreneurial skills of a boutique agency combined with the international approach.Finishing Pointe is an exhilarating, electrifying and vivacious agency with versatile, dedicated and well experienced professionals. FP creates dynamic branding, advertising and communications solutions that are created on the solid foundation of extensive research, creativity, brand promotion and development.  In today’s ultra competitive world, we work extensively to provide you the solutions that fetch you the best results.
We maintain potential relationships with national, regional and local press and media as a trusted source for brand promotions and communications. We use the most advanced approaches as per the market needs yet we are rooted strongly on the ancient Indian principles of honesty, trust and hard working.
Optimizing your brand and your business potential needs expertise. When it comes to branding, developing a comprehensive communications plan, or launching a new product in the marketplace, there are no shortcuts. You need professional services with experience and expertise that are committed to achieving your business goals.
Our comprehensive branding, advertising and communications solutions are amplified by an eclectic array of event management and marketing services. We brainstorm for out of the box ideas and incorporate them to provide you the results that are strategic, impactful and successful.  With a bouquet of prestigious and satisfied clients, we can say – we are the place which gets you the results.
Apart from having a forte in Industrial, Product, Onsite, Celebrities, Events and Fashion Photography, we have recently launched photography services for e commerce industry.