Cruise Yourself Slim is the first book to address the problem of so many cruise passengers: How to enjoy a cruise without piling on the pounds.  Authors Martin and Marion Shirran are weight management specialists who developed the original Gastric Mind Band technique and are also avid cruise fans.  They know the best tricks, tips and techniques to deal with the temptations of all the 24/7 feasting facing cruise vacationers.  
The book also features chapters on safety at sea, on 'below decks' views of passengers (from former cruise maitre d' Brian Bruns, author of Cruise Confidential), from Senior Lecturer in Cruise Tourism Patsy Morgan, and a medical take on the problem of overeating from Sydney cardiologist Graham Sceats.
Travel consultant and cruise fan Sarah Price, who lost more than half her body weight using the Shirrans' techniques, is also featured.  She now knows it's easy to take cruises and NOT pile on the pounds!