Books, Courses, Workshops & Coaching Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Looking to Build their Personal Brand on the Web.

I love the power of great branding and great marketing.

It’s inspiring to me to see businesses using branding and marketing correctly – investing more wisely, producing faster and better results, engaging happier customers, and growing their business to the place they want to be.

I understand more than ever the importance of being truly “abnormal” to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.  My philosophy of going against the grain, and using the latest technologies available to boost business marketing results, makes up my foundation from which I build on.

My core experience lies in creating plans and strategies, incorporating brands and communications. I’m a big believer in online, especially social media, marketing.

I can also provide a range of marketing training for business owners who want to take charge and get their marketing on track by methods including building a business blog, maximising the social media networks, creating or updating a marketing plan, and launching a new campaign.

In September 2011, I became a published author with the release of my first book: Web Branding Coach: Genesis. This book helps entrepreneurs and small business owners define their personal brand BEFORE creating strategies or implementing any marketing activities.

The book will save years of frustration, time and money wasted, and help professionals develop a clear and focussed personal brand, that actually works FOR them.

I have also lived in the UK and Albania, and I love to travel to new places and meet new people.