What We Do:

The fitRaise platform allows individuals to raise money for charity
organizations and causes while they run, walk, or cycle. The platform
takes the local 5K to a global level by leveraging mobile technology that
enables virtual events. Participants in a fitRaise event can run, walk, or
cycle anytime, anywhere, and as often as they want to raise money and awareness
for causes they care about. When they join an event on fitRaise they
create a personal donation page that explains their support for the
organization and allows donors to pledge an amount per mile, a minimum
donation, and a maximum donation in what we call a fun and fair pledge
process. When the event is over (several weeks to a month) the fitRaise
system calculates and settles the donations through PayPal and the funds are
automatically sent to the charity organization.

Use Cases:
Below are just a few suggestions on how to use fitRaise for your organization.

For Charities:

Standalone Virtual Events:  Use the fitRaise platform to raise money and awareness. Recruit participants and donors from your existing supporters and stakeholders.  The event can be for several days up to a month long and you can host as many events as you want over the course of the year.  

Tie-In Events:  Do you have an existing event like a traditional 5K, golf tournament, or fun-run?  These events can be great for building engagement.  You can use fitRaisein the month leading up to the event to encourage participants to run or walk more in preparation for your real event.  Then on event day you can reward them with special perks or prizes.

3-rd Party Events:  Once your organization is registered with fitRaise you can allow your supporters to host their own fitRaise events on your behalf.  Let your supporters take control and recruit participants for these fun events.  

For Businesses:

Workplace Wellness Program and Corporate Giving Program:  Encourage employees to better fitness (and more productivity) by partnering with a charity to support.  The fitRaise platform will track employee exercise distance while at the same time collect donations for your partner organization.  

Team Challenges:  Get your employees motivated about fitness with a team or department challenge to benefit a charity.  

On Campus:

Athletic Department Fundraising:  Take advantage of your athletic department and let your athletes run, walk, or cycle to support your school or a partner organization.

Capital Projects:  Unite the entire campus behind a capital project.  Get students actively supporting projects around campus with their fitness activities.  

Band, Club and Intramural Fundraising:  The fitRaise platform can be used to raise money for band uniforms and equipment, club travel expenses, or gear for activities.  
Other Uses:

Reader/Follower/Listener/Client/Patient Challenges:  So many ways to do this.  Set up author vs author or host vs host challenges in support of partner organizations.  Rally listeners and followers around a cause while getting fit.  

Individual and Beneficiary Events: The fitRaise platform can be used to raise money for individuals or families in need.  Use the platform to raise money for medical expenses and other emergency needs.