Fitwize 4 Kids™ is dedicated to empowering the youth of today and tomorrow, by providing a fun filled environment, where kids ages 6 ½ to 15 learn about fitness, nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle.  

Everything at Fitwize 4 Kids, from the décor, to the equipment is planned with kids in mind.  The environment is energetic and lively and the circuit equipment is specifically designed and built for the physiology of an adolescent’s body.  

The core program offered in each Fitwize 4 Kids location focuses on supervised, 45-minute, full-body, resistance circuit- style workouts and is complimented by monthly nutrition seminars (for kids and parents), home-school physical education, kid’s night out events, field trips, birthday parties, athletic league sports training and other fun activities.

Fitwize members and their parents report increased self-esteem, healthier eating habits, stronger academic and athletic performance and improved overall well-being.  How much is your child’s health worth to you?  

Find out where “The fun that fits your kids” can be found in your neighborhood by visiting our website at www.fitwize4kids.com.