Flatland Mobile is a mobile marketing and media services company providing a complete range of mobile services. The company's mission is to power the mobile phone as today's primary communication tool through delivery of targeted high-value interactive content. With an industry-leading focus on consultancy, reporting, data analysis and client services. Flatland Mobile is the mobile marketing agency of choice for clients.

We credit much of our success to the unique Flatland Mobile hybrid structure. Not the planet-saving kind that you drive around in to save gas. But the kind that unites passionate geniuses from the marketing and technical disciplines under one roof to deliver a powerhouse of mobile solutions. This commitment to leading the curve has made Flatland Mobile the thought leaders we are today. Whether you're a newbie to mobile or a seasoned expert who's interested in maximizing its potential, Flatland Mobile's expertise at providing mobile solutions to help you reach your goals.

For more information, visit www.flatlandmobile.com or call 866.544.0503.