Company Name:         Flying Turtle Publishing LLC
Company Location     Hammond, Indiana
Imprints: Sparrow Early Learning Academy™ (SELA) Books/Sweetea Books

Established in 2009, Flying Turtle Publishing is a micro business, but we’re growing! Our slogan—Specializing in Books That Families Can Share—is also our mission. We produce entertaining and educational children’s books and adult fiction that you wouldn’t be embarrassed for your grandmother to read with you.

We’re actively building in: children’s nutrition, math, science and socio-emotional books. Additionally, we’re extending our production services to independent authors with our Sweetea Books™ and to children’s authors with Stuffed Stories™, publishing services for authors of children’s books.

Flying Turtle Publishing intends to add print and e-book publishing services for business authors in 2015. We know that publishing a book as part of a business’ activities can raise the company’s profile and solidify its branding.

Titles:     (Adults) Parting River Jordan, Crossing River Jordan
Children) Vote Sheep!, Put It on My Plate!, Starship Fuel, Kaylah and the Cupcake Box, Kenny and the Cupcake Box, A Straw Hat So Big, Journey to Jazzland, My Peace Place

Type(s) of Publisher:     Trade Publishing: Adult and Children

Company Website:     http://flyingturtlepublishing.com/

Phone:     219-554-9038