Sapphire Training & Consulting, LLC was created to assist organizations in the process of mining the leaders of tomorrow. Our philosophy provides individuals who want to become leaders in an organization with a framework to understand an organization from the ground up. Learning how to be a follower before becoming a leader provides a unique perspective that only a few leaders possess.

Our experience working with a broad range of organizational sizes and industries helped us design strategies that fit into any organizational culture. Success of an organization is not defined by the number of its people but by the quality and performance of its leaders. As employees climb their way to the top, the Leadership Pyramid is there as a guide to remind them that the next level can only be built upon the foundation of the previous. A solid understanding of the concepts and principles of each level will make the whole pyramid stronger.

Our seminars and workshops can be tailored to the needs and culture of an organization while the core concepts of the Leadership Pyramid remain. We realize that not everyone needs to start at the bottom, so our curriculum is designed to be flexible enough to meet anyone’s goals.

For individuals that desire a formal mentoring engagement, our consulting services provide one-on-one attention. During these sessions, we work with employees to identify their strengths and create a roadmap to address their challenges.

We believe that success comes from utilizing tools that are tailored to the person and his or her objectives. The materials we provide from this site, our seminars, or one-on-one relationships are intended to bring immediate results from immediate practice.