The analysis program by adjusting payroll withholdings adds hundreds or thousands of dollars to a workers monthly or yearly take home pay in minutes, while keeping a watchful eye on their adjustments, checking those adjustments, instantly against next year’s tax-withholding tables so they will not under pay taxes.

 Used correctly the Online Analysis helps people experience less stress by finding money to pay off debts so they enjoy more peace of mind. The analysis helps people pay less tax and get tax write-offs, it helps people have money to save and gain interest on, while showing them how to take the sacrifice out of saving, by using pre-tax-withholding dollars which will not change their net pay by one red penny.

 Anyone may use the Online Analysis and adjust their paycheck withholdings anytime 24/7 free; however, the cost for a complete analysis with printouts, full how-to instructions and one-year access cost $125.00 a steal . . . pennies on the dollar compared to the monthly and yearly gain in net income. People using the analysis find, no calculator needed, no payroll tax withholding adjustments to figure out on their own, and the biggest thing for most people is not having to make a mock tax return which is a must have to check their adjustments and to eliminate the possibility of making an underpayment.

 The online analysis does it all for them while insuring their accuracy and safety.

 The Online Analysis goes a step beyond just giving them a picture of what could be, it allows the user to make adjustments in real time and see how those adjustments to their paycheck withholdings increases or decreases their net pay right before their eyes. This gives users the chance to figure out how to get the maximum pay raise possible without underpaying their tax liability.

 Moreover, any money it finds above $100.00 the analysis converts into a “What If" scenario. The analysis places the money in the appropriate deduction section of the mock 1040 tax return it preparers.

 This gives the user a tax write off, the “Online Analysis” recalculate  this deduction and lets them see how adding this deduction through contributions to a qualified retirement plan lowers their taxable income. They can also see the affect on their net pay, their taxable income, and on any changes to their paycheck, they would like to try with their withholdings, or contributions.