In Get Love™: How to Transform Your Love Life, this singular love story unfolds in front of readers’ eyes in the form of one love letter after another. Simultaneously, the book is a step-by-step guide to understanding the mysteries of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the place, says Kimberley Heart, where all the reasons and resistances to the love we want are stored.

In Part I of Get Love™, readers follow two lovers’ blossoming intimacy step by step, learning how they risk their hearts to make their relationship work. “This is a true love story,” says Heart, “stripped naked and vulnerable.” In reading their poignant correspondence, readers learn about themselves.

Part II, described by Heart as a one-on-one self-help session, shows readers how to work in partnership with their subconscious minds, just as the lovers from Part One learn to do, in order to attain the love they want and deserve. She explains that this section teaches readers how to create more than growth and in fact teaches them how to change. She explains, “Growth prepares us to change; it is not the change.” Heart, a nationally recognized authority on using the subconscious mind to facilitate change, offers a four-step process that includes Recognize, Acknowledge, Forgive, and Change.