Moovd is an internet web application that anyone in any business can use to make powerful and engaging marketing video for advertising, video marketing, youtube videos, as well as pitches, presentations and digital signage. It solves the perennial pain points faced by businesses who know they need video to power their marketing but can't afford to pay for the high end prices for video content that may not deliver the ROI they're looking for.

The Moovd solution turns the words you type into animated text, scientifically shown to be engaging and memorable in controlled tests. By turning words into moving image Moovd can maxmiize the power of your message in a video marketing and video advertising application that lets you deploy a video in minutes. Simply type your script, add music, theme and call to action and you'll be watching a preview of your video in literally seconds.

Advertising campaigns created with Moovd have already shown on average 15% higher completion rates on videos, and an incredible double the clickthroughs, so there's a proven engagement basis to our offering.

Moovd also offers script services and is launching a web advertising arm to help customers deploy their ad spend effectively.