Food Service Planning for Profit for Stadiums, Arenas and events. Founding in 1993, GF Strategies has provided consulting for events in over 20 states and Canada. Included as clients are seven of the top ten Fairs in North America, venues from the Seaside Convention Center in Oregon to the Reliant Arena in Houston, to the Tulsa Expo, the the San Diego County Fair to the Champlain Valley Expo in Vermont. As part of our review we meet with our clients to look at the current situation, review revenue numbers, both expense and income and work with the venue or event to develop a plan for increasing the per person spending at these events. Our reviews have led some venues to see increases as much as 30 percent in their year over year net revenues from food and beverage. WE also spot trends and engage in ways to bring these to our clients, such as new cocktail mixologists, menu items, bringing local brands to the venue, tying in with sponsors to enhance the experience.
We also advise our clients on how to engage in mobile payments at the venues to allow customers to purchase food and beverage dollars prior to attending the venue or during the event from their seat locations.