Ghostwoods: Great books at great prices.

Although paper books will never vanish, eBooks are rapidly becoming the most important sector of publishing. Traditional publishers have been treating authors with disdain — and giving them tiny cuts of the profit — for years. As a editor and publisher turned writer, I know the score only too well.

It’s time to do something about it. I drink a lot of coffee (surprise, huh?) and have been impressed with the Fair Trade initiative, given how badly screwed coffee growers tend to be. Growing coffee takes years. So can writing and publishing a book.

So Ghostwoods Books is a brand new deal — a Fair Trade initiative for writers. The principle is simple. Readers get damn fine books to read at a great price; writers get a friendly publisher who’s on their side, and is prepared to hand over a full 50% of the profits. That’s what partnerships are all about.

If you like reading, Ghostwoods Books are fully professional, top-quality books at least as good as any you’d buy in a store. Better, hopefully, because it’s not a committee of marketing and PR types selecting lowest-common-denominator content, but a small team of dedicated, passionate editors with decades of experience in all areas of publishing.

If you like writing, Ghostwoods Books offers a friendly, supportive, route to publication. Whilst we’re in the initial phases, publication will be electronic. If you want us to, we’ll also represent your book to print publishers. Later, we’ll be able to offer full print contracts ourselves. We’re currently open to submissions, so if you’re interested, drop by the website!