About Giftback:
Giftback is the leader in matching name-brand products with charitable donations to create high impact gifts for the consumer and corporate gift giving markets.  Founded in 2006, Giftback makes a donation with every purchase to a charity chosen by the customer.

Extending the Value of Gifts:
Consumers and businesses are becoming increasingly conscious of the social impact of their choices and behaviors. In particular, businesses have learned that socially conscious business decisions can have direct, positive effects on their bottom line.  At the same time, gifts have proven to be extremely effective in promoting customer loyalty, increasing brand recognition and strengthening relationships.  Recognizing these trends, Giftback enables gift senders to purchase high quality, name-brand items and designate a charity to receive a portion of the purchase price.  This combination increases the gift’s intrinsic value by personalizing it with support for a cause important to the sender or recipient.  

Giftback serves the consumer market through its website at giftback.com and through partnerships with select distributors.  Every purchase on giftback.com results in a donation of 10 percent of the purchase price to a charity the customer selects.

Giftback serves the corporate incentives, recognitions, awards and events marketplace through customized solutions created to match each individual company’s brand, image and purchasing guidelines.  Utilizing Giftback for corporate gifting enables companies to pair the uniqueness of a thoughtful charitable donation with exceptional gifts, benefiting the company’s image and relationships.  Dedicated Giftback account managers guide companies through a discovery process to find solutions that fit their unique needs and budget.

Giftback is proud to feature products from leading companies in the industry and is equally proud to partner with national, regional and local non-profit organizations across an array of causes.