GK Magazine is the new exclusive FREE online magazine about traveling, gadgets and the world's best restaurants by Kosta Gara.

GK Magazine (Global Konnoisseur) with Editor-in-chief Kosta Gara recently launched their first lifestyle issue. GK is a free online magazine aimed primarily at readers with a keen interest in the best travel spots, self development and a discerning taste for some of the better things in life such as food, gadgets and modern photography. GK Magazine is also available in Spanish.

Gara stated that “issue number one was designed with a Rest Your Eyes Layout Design to enhance the online visual experience while maintaining the crisp feel of the editorial content”. Using this advanced layout design was paramount in supporting the best visual reader experience.

Different from other online publications, GK is pop-up and ad free and contains articles and features that are not abbreviated. Quality content is the essence of ambitious modern lifestyle publications and GK Magazine delivers on its promises.

The first issue paints a unique perspective on Cities, Food, Travel, Restaurants and Gadgets but also features articles aimed to improve your life situation such as “Live Life To The Fullest”. Regardless of your taste, you are sure to find something of significant interest in this new online magazine.

GK will be available to its online subscribers on a quarterly basis.
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