Global Lion Intellectual Property Management, Inc. is an international literary, film, and intellectual property developmental company that has evolved over several decades to become a unique force in the world of publishing, film, and digital content for state-of-the-art communication platforms. From the beginning, the company’s roots were grounded in the representation of high-quality writing, important and entertaining publications, and close relationships with domestic authors. Now, with the creation and evolution of new digital formats for worldwide audiences, our mission has grown to represent and manage prodigious writers, industry visionaries, and extraordinary ideas in new environments. Our current strategy is to carefully select and intelligently interact with authors, filmmakers, and innovative thinkers who champion positive change in the world. Through dedicated representation of unique intellectual properties and their creators, we not only advocate for change, we also become a part of it. For us, decades of domestic experience with extension to international markets has led to worldwide publishing as well as the production of major motion pictures,television and cable entertainment, digital audio, e-books, and other electronic content for global markets. We are committed to delivering our properties on all current media platforms and are prepared to adapt to any that might arise in the future. Simply put, it’s now all about the nano-digital delivery of quality content as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We are here to serve our clients in finding their place in the digital matrix and we have what it takes to manage:

Commercial fiction, non-fiction with global marketing potential and motion picture and/or television potential.

Motion pictures, television and/or cable Content

Game-changing projects and digital materials