GMJDEX Invest & Trade SA (Pty) Ltd started sourcing RARE ZAR gold bullion coins in January 2009; We identified an opportunity in the Gold Coin industry, to purchase rare gold ZAR coins in the South African market and re-selling to the international market.
We have already secured and identified 5 top coins and is held in safe keeping at Standard Bank South Africa Booked under SA Coin coins as follows;
•     1x 1874 Fine Beard (Grading MS64)        
•     1x 1874 Course Beard (Grading MS 64)        
•     1x 1897 Sammy Marks Tickey(Grading MS64)    
•     1x 1899 Double Overstamp (Grading MS63)    
•     1x 1902 Veldpond (Grading MS65)    
GMJDEX Invest & Trade SA is aiming to become a industry leader in the field of numismatic analysis, offering professional advice regarding rare coin acquisitions and purchasing decisions. As part of our services we will source the rarest and best investments coins for our clients, GMJDEX has the 7 years  experience in the South African Coin Market, necessary to help buyers make smart collecting and investing decisions.
GMJDEX offers professional advice as well as products for sale. In a short time we have been able to grow our clients and get the big 5 ZAR rare coins.
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We also have a focus in the Kruger Rands Legal Tender gold coins.
It can easily be said that one of the most popular gold coins in the world is the South African Krugerrand. Anywhere you go in the world; these coins hold their value, often by reputation alone. The amount of gold in a Krugerrand is exactly one ounce. There is about 2.8 grams of copper in the gold coin as well to increase its durability and strength. The total weight of at South African Krugerrand is 1.0909 troy ounces, the weight of the other metal not being calculated in the measurement. Don't worry about the extra weight costing you more, or devaluing the coin, the bullion sells for exactly the same as other completely pure gold coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf. In the past, other coins contained only the amount of gold in them to correspond to the face value, the Krugerrand was the first coin to contain exactly one ounce of gold. Where did this coin get its name? Paul Kruger is the namesake for the Krugerrand. Paul Kruger was the 5th president of the South African Republic and the Boer resistance leader. His face is imprinted on one side of the coin while the other side shows a springbok antelope. Both of these symbols are widely recognized in South Africa, thus they are on their gold bullion as well.
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We have recently created our new online shopping website and are very excited about this new venture. During the next few months we will be updating our website and publish new and exciting coin collections.
Should you wish to sell your collectables please feel free to contact us at:
http://www.gmjdex.com/index.php?route=information/contact or alternatively please visit our website at www.gmjdex.com

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GM Johnson