Gold Parent Coaching is a pioneering technique designed to build stronger families. Working from the inside out, we support parents and help them to better understand their children. Our technique is based on the clinically-proven understanding that a happy, well-adjusted parent is the strongest influence on raising a happy, well-adjusted child. No amount of flash cards and music classes can challenge this basic truth.

Gold Parent Coaching Can Help You:
Find the Perfect Nanny
Improve your Infant's Sleep Patterns & Habits
Decrease your Toddler's Tantrums
Enhance your Child's or Teen's Behaviors & Communication
Strengthen Your Parental Relationship

Even the most experienced parents can run into problems that require a greater understanding of a child's emotional and developmental needs. At such moments, Gold Parent Coaching can offer the wisdom and advice one needs to become a more supportive and nurturing parent.

Gold Parent Coaching is a unique service designed to help build stronger families from the inside out. Led by Tammy Gold, its team of therapists and coaches offers a comprehensive range of services that includes pregnancy care, Nanny Education, Training, & Support Program and group or one-on-one coaching.

Gold Parent Coaching offers three types of services to support those caring for children: Parental Support, Nanny Coaching & Mediation Program and Child Care Search. We believe that everyone looking after children in the home deserves training and support to do the job properly.