From world-renowned Rodeo Drive to Starbucks Coffee Company and non-profit organizations in Detroit to professional associations and educational institutions, The Goodwin Co. has represented complex organizations with multiple audiences and stakeholders.  We specialize in emotional intelligence.  

To increase sales, build market share, attract and retain donors and participants for various organizations, we have to identify the issue that touches the heart and the mind, where decisions to buy or donate are jointly made!

Our goal is to help you make an impact.  Our formula is TRT.  Allocating just the right amount of Time, Resources and Talent to achieve results.  We focus on planning and implementing strategic communications programs to meet the goals and carry forth the missions of private, public and non-profit clients.

Our impact has been felt and is reflected in not only the awards we've won both locally and nationally from the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Affairs, State of Michigan, City of Detroit, Ad Council and Detroit Media Partnership, but also from our client testimonials.    We understand your investment in us must be returned with tangible and intangible results.