Go Smart Solutions, LLC was built on a vision to do something bigger and better in the business world. Frustrated with the limitations that came with working for someone else, Misty Lackie founded Go Smart Solutions. Her primary goal for this new venture was to create effective, if out-of -the-box, remedies for businesses facing constantly evolving technology and trends. A long-time business woman and now full-time entrepreneur, Misty understands the challenges that face busy professionals. Go Smart Solutions was developed to help them overcome these challenges.

The partners at Go Smart Solutions are family; Misty Lackie, founder and CEO, and her father, Patrick Thompson, Director of Business Relations. Combined, the team has over 30 years of experience in the technology field. This experience, their ongoing quest to find better solutions, and their insistence on valuing customer feedback, have all enabled them to develop the high quality brands that Go Smart has become known for. All of the brands at Go Smart Solutions have been developed to address a specific need in the market, and provide a simpler and more efficient way of doing business and promoting a brand.

ClassifiedFlyerAds streamlines the online listing process for online sellers, affiliates, and Realtors by providing quick and easy syndication.

RentShout.com is an online rental marketing system that  "shouts" property rental ads across the web to dozens of leading rental directories, as well as search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

EmailFlyerAds provides a simple way for Real Estate professionals to reach out to each other with their property listings via e-mail.

TwitBacks provides free, branded backgrounds for Twitter, allowing professionals and businesses to create a look that compliments their brand.

We take great pride in our work and our #1 goal is to provide solutions that will enable your business to work better and smarter. Every business is different, but one thing remains the same - the right marketing solution is priceless.

We like to tell our customers, "Don't go crazy chasing the latest trends across the web - let us do it for you. Go Smart with the exceptional solutions and great service right here."