Vision Statement
Enriching business success in partnership with the planet.

Mission Statement
Green Ribbon Foundation partners with businesses, non-profits and the next generation to educate, design and implement sustainable practices, and to increase green business development to enrich their enterprise.

Brand Purpose
Partner with Green Ribbon Foundation to develop sustainable business practices for your company, and ignite a healthier, richer, future.

The Educational Service:
The S.E.P. Program: Green Ribbon Foundation provides businesses the education and resources needed to save money and integrate sustainability into the business plan. Sustainable enterprise planning, S.E.P, incorporates ecological sustainability into the businesses’ real estate, operations, and product and services they produce. Additionally, Green Ribbon Foundation provides access to elite professionals from various industries to provide solutions to the client’s top three business challenges. By solving the top challenges, it allows the enterprise to take on new initiatives.  The S.E.P. Program is the deliverable created for the business client to use as a compass to ecological sustainability.

The 2 Fundraising Causes – GRF partners with the next generation.
1.     Children’s Sustainability Education:  The sustainability education program for children is an initiative to inspire the next generation to incorporate sustainability in their lives and inspire STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). Green Ribbon Foundation will be working with local schools educating children using gardens as a tool to teach sustainability. This program has been made possible by the Sierra Club, Goethe Institute and your help. Green Ribbon is igniting young minds about ecological sustainability so the next generation can have a healthier and richer future.
2.     College Scholarships:  Green Ribbon Foundation is in the process of constructing an endowment to fund college scholarships to students that plan to specialize in sustainability. Green Ribbon Foundation is currently partnering with the top two universities’ that offers degrees in sustainability. Once the program is funded, Green Ribbon Foundation will award scholarships to qualified candidates to further their career in the sciences of ecological sustainability.

What do we do: We provide ecological solutions, resources, and information for business systems by our proprietary SEP program. (Sustainable Enterprise Planning program) We show businesses how “it is fiscally beneficial to be ecologically responsible”. Additionally, we educate and partner with the next generation of students and innovators.

Who we are: A group of tenacious young and seasoned professionals that have backgrounds in the science of ecological sustainability, commercial construction, technology, global trade, conscious business, sustainable analytics, finance, growth and innovation strategy, and green taxation.

How we do it: We educate, design and implement solutions for businesses so their enterprise can become more ecological, thus partnering with the planet. We create a Sustainable Enterprise Planning programs, (S.E.P. programs) for each business. The program consists of assessing, designing, benchmarking the business client, and then educating the businesses with implementation of their new sustainable enterprise plan. Once completed, Green Ribbon Foundation follows up with a performance review.  We initially focus on money saving strategies, before implementation of green initiatives. We partner with the next generation by designing three programs that make sustainable education available to children, providing college scholarship and creating a Green Innovation Center, for the young entrepreneur who will incubate and accelerate their innovations.

What we are: We offer products and educational services to help further the green economy.

Where: We are a 501(c) 3 non-profit located in Chicago, IL USA

Why: To make the world a better place and to do our part in saving the human environment.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Amber Autumn
Founder + CEO