We are a nonpartisan group dedicated to bringing reasoning and logic to the current Global Warming debate.  

This documentary "The Boy Who Cried Warming" is meant to revisit the debate on climate change as it is currently regarded among; the scientific community, the political atmosphere, and the people (believers and skeptics) of the United States. We documentmented a mosaic of people (experts and amateurs alike) by interviewing an array of professionals, academics, and knowledgeables on climate change and how it influences their respective fields. Lately, there has been misinformation argued by both sides as scientifically sound. Our objective is to produce an informed and accurate discussion in the form of a documentary about climate change with the widest possible range of ideas, facts, and ultimately informed opinions. We tend to side with the skeptics regarding anthropogenic Global Warming, however, it is paramount that we also endorse conservationism and personal responsibility.

We cordially invite you to continue to visit our website www.globalwarminginitiative.com and become a more informed citizen.  By signing our guest book you will be able to receive additional information on the film and other events hosted by the Global Warming Initiative.