We partner with food-insecure families, schools, orphanages, and communities to create organic vegetable gardens. By planting gardens, Harvest107 provides access and affordability to fresh produce. Planting and caring for the garden with its beneficiaries creates a sense of community and solidarity among neighbors. Throughout the process of building and planting, care and proper gardening techniques are taught. The use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides are discouraged while teaching simple, organic ways of growing. Ideas for how to use the garden's harvest in delicious, cost-effective meals are offered as well. Part of Harvest107's mission is to root communities in faith - not by preaching or shaking Bibles, but through love, friendship, and compassion. Serving those in need gives an opportunity to share the Gospel. Harvest107 offers garden recipients to take part in a Bible study in conjunction with its step-by-step planting process, if desired.