Hemas is a diversified conglomerate with over 20 active subsidiaries organized into five key sectors - FMCG, Healthcare, Transportation, Leisure and Strategic Investments.  The Group, which commenced operations in 1948, is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange.  

The Group was founded by Sheikh Hasannally Esufally (MBE) as a pharmaceuticals and trading enterprise.  Over the ensuing decades the organisation has transformed itself into one of Sri Lanka's largest and most respected firms.  The Group has several recognisable brands including Baby Cheramy, Clogard, and ProSport.  

Over the last decade the Group has been singularly focused on growth - a strategy that enabled us to emerge as leaders in several of the sectors that we are involved in. As we look to the future we are committed in our determination to widen our product and service range, expand into the international marketplace, attract the best minds, and to improve our processes.  

Our performance is guided by our core values - our passion for people, an obsession with quality, our drive for innovation and our concern for our community - values that are our moral compass as we progress on new and exciting business ventures and ideas.  


FMCG - This is the largest sector at Hemas.  FMCG is involved in the development, manufacture, marketing and distribution of a vast range of consumer products, most of which are household names.  

Healthcare - Hemas has been involved in the healthcare sector for over 60 years and currently represents over 30 multinational companies from around the world.

Leisure - Diethelm Travel Sri Lanka (formally known as Hemtours), Hemas' destination management company is one of Sri Lanka's leading tour operators, with long term relationships with many leading travel companies in Europe and Asia.  Hemas' three hotels are popular with tourists, and are located at strategic tourist destinations.

Transportation - The transportation sector offers a diverse range of services.  It has the largest market share in Sri Lanka for airline representation, and is also involved in travel retailing, freight management, and courier services.

Power & Strategic Investments - Hemas foray into the power generation sector through its investment in Heladhanavi, a power plant has proved to be successful.  The Group is now exploring opportunities in the area of mini-hydro power generation. Hemas is involved in the property sector through Hemas House, which is owned and managed by Hemas Developments.  Hemas House is a multi-storey office building with modern facilities.