As mental health advocates, we start those awkward conversations, if it's by sharing our own experiences or encouraging others to share theirs. We are showing the community that those who battle depression and anxiety are normal everyday people, not the “crazies” that Hollywood portrays. We educate, bring awareness and remind those who need it, that they are not alone.

We all crave acknowledgement. Knowing that we matter to someone is a basic human need. Having this strengthens our relationships and helps ensure that we reach our full happy potential. We help with this by inspiring daily reminders through our social media, speaking events and community challenges. We also create customized Not-So-Random-Acts-of-Kindness™ for those nominated to us. These Not-So-Random-Acts-of-Kindness™ have two goals: Acknowledge/validate them as a valuable person, reminding them that they are loved and help to remove the “trigger” or “weight on their shoulders” that is keeping them on the edge of darkness, and thus give them a nudge back towards the happy path.

The founder, Susie Martin, has daily struggles with anxiety and has dealt with soul consuming depression. Because of her own personal journey, she knows the value of a support team and importance of knowing you are loved and matter. She also knows the pain of not feeling or having either of those and the devastating results it could lead to. This is her mission, along with the rest of her Kindness Crew, to prevent others from the darkness and assisting with understanding to those indirectly affected, making better and prepared supporters.

Here's Your Reminder Project is also known for their super-fun fundraising events, Happy Goat Yoga - for Charity. Sign up for an event today at: www.HappyGoatYoga.Eventbrite.com. Make a memory while helping a great cause!

Learn more at heresyourreminder.org.