HGRB Services is an agency operating strictly on-line consulting home owners and home renters on ways and means to save thousands of dollars on their residential maintenance and improvement costs/expenses.

Our agency assumes a very aggressive stance against our clients being misled and over-charged (summarily ripped off) by an entourage of home improvement scams.  

HGRB Services advises its clients against needlessly tossing funds out the window. One of the leading ways this is done is through unscrupulous contractors.  We believe that most contractors who are in business for themselves habitually over-charge to cover for  business they're not getting......

In addition, HGRB Services offers consultation on matters of either accepting or rejecting so-called "deals" offered by people who really don't have the private home dwellers well-being at heart.

Often we suggest that before people decide to make any "deals" or sign any contracts, that you  first consult with HGRB Services.

No doubt, HGRB Services is a relatively new and literal crusader for home owners and home renters saving thousands and thousands of dollars.  It all starts with an e-mail from you.

Right now, our "hottest" item is the new booklet:  "Pocket the Money!"    This is one booklet that can be the corner stone to a lot of the money-saving decisions you're going to make about your home projects.

Since we're readily accessible on-line, you can order " Pocket the Money!" or any other item in stock, any time of night, day, or morning.  Any time and whenever you like.  This goes as much for any free advice you're going to need.

When you log into HGRB Services, a lot of the questions you've got will be answered.  The offerings we've got on-line, which you'll then be privy to, speak a lot about this agency.  They say more than anything else to be said at this time.

                                   God Bless You and Your Home!

                                                                                         R.B. Roberts, consultant