In a diverse world, we have the complex and modern man. He is intelligent and sophisticated, leading his ideal lifestyle. Under these conditions, he is looking for style and expression to match. HODo provides the premier solution. Through our high-quality, contemporary menswear, the modern man is able to outwardly define his splendor through what he wears. HODo fulfills the desire to look good and feel great.

Founded in 2010, HODo is a contemporary menswear clothing company that believes in making high-fashion, with superior quality.

High Fashion

•      Highly experienced team of developers and designers trained in Italy that can quickly bring the hottest fashion to you before anyone else.

•      We produce high quality, limited production, fashionable clothing available to everyone. This means you get that unique, undiluted look that represents your life and your style.

•      Contemporary menswear offerings for any lifestyle, fit, that matches any occasion: shorts, pants, shirts, knits polos, outerwear.

High Quality

•       We produce our products in small, limited batches, making sure that you receive only the finest clothing.

•       From start to finish, we carefully control the sourcing of our materials and how they go into creating our products from start to finish.

•       At least three levels of approval and quality checks before any items arrives to you.