Would you like to expand your product offering? House-Mouse Designs® can help you do so and save you thousands of dollars in initial design expense. House-Mouse Designs’ greatest asset is its digital design library and branding of almost 30 years.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce House-Mouse Designs®. We’re a little company, running on big feet with a lot of heart looking to expand our horizons. Founded by artist Ellen Jareckie and marketing partner Barry Percy in 1980, House-Mouse was initially launched with one mouse character and has since evolved to multiple mice in hundreds of designs. The incredible detail and artwork Ellen Jareckie displays in developing her characters bring the mice to life right before our eyes. The family of mice, Amanda, Maxwell, Mudpie, Muzzy and Monica, each with their own distinctive personality appeals to children and adults alike. The House-Mouse Designs® characters provide exceptionally diverse opportunities for extensive merchandise programs across all age groups. Join our Family Join our Fun!