Our end goal is to replace the use of surveys within education with chatbot conversations. Right now we are focusing on course assessments and student evaluations of teaching.
Using a chatbot to collect feedback could be the ultimate compromise between a qualitative and a quantitative research method. A chatbot can collect opinions through a conversational interface with the same advantages as a ‘real’ interview but with a fraction of the required work. The conversation can be tailored according to the responses and personality of the student, ask follow-up questions and find out the reason behind opinions. Feedback is always kept factual and relevant to teaching while filtering out personal insults and foul language.

As we collect more data, our goal is to be able to provide teachers with insights on how to become more effective in their teaching based on student and teacher data from all over the world.

Currently, we've just released the beta version of Hubert and are continuously working on improvements and new use cases. If you're curious about how it works, please go ahead and create an account to see for yourself at https://hubert.ai/signup