At Humanist Canada, we strive to create a fair and equal society guided by critical thinking and compassion. We support the efforts of local and regional Humanist groups to advance education in scientific, academic, medical, and human rights fields. We are committed to putting Humanism into practice. Through our ceremonies, outreach, and education programs, we advance free thinking and freedom of choice throughout Canada.

We started out in 1954 as the Humanist Fellowship of Montreal and then became a national organization in 1968, led by our first president, Dr. Henry Morgentaler. For more than half a century, we have been a growing movement at the forefront of social change, involved in such social justice issues as reproductive choice, the right to die with dignity and the advancement of human rights.

In 1996, we were granted the authority to certify Humanist Officiants to perform marriage ceremonies in Ontario. Across the country, our Officiants conduct deeply meaningful ceremonies to recognize significant milestone events in people’s lives.

We are deeply committed to supporting grassroots Humanist activity, advancing Humanist education and increasing Humanist visibility through our national presence and online communications.

Humanist Canada is the operating name of the Humanist Association of Canada. We are a registered charitable organization.