iClassics Productions aims at making the consumption of classic literature an enjoyable and enriching experience for new generations, making it entertaining and educational by exploiting the advantages of technological advances. They have reinvented the concept of 'reading', making it a unique and immersive experience that engages the user by allowing them to interact with the stories. iClassics does not only create apps, it has become the global model of interactive literature.

The innovative iClassics Collection represents a new reading format that engages the reader, who must interact with various elements to proceed with the story. Illustrations, videos, sound effects, animations, music, and other elements all make the reading an enriching experience. As David G. For├ęs, creative director, says: 'Our contribution is basically providing a new format for both classic and contemporary literature, creating an interactive environment adapted to the habits of young people', and he highlights: "It is very common that people think we do e-books, but we do not, we create enriched books. The iClassics are applications with endless creative possibilities, far more than the already conventional e-books".

Its use in the classroom:
iClassics promotes the productive use of electronic devices beyond the usual games, an element of disruption, with a significant contribution to teaching, with many opportunities to work in the classroom. For example, in some schools in the US, where Edgar Allan Poe is required reading, iClassics is used as a tool to study the classic mystery tales of the writer.