Established in 1988, International Advisory Services Group, Ltd (IAS) concentrates on the economic and political impact of the new technologies and emerging markets that are transforming our world. As public policy experts, we understand the interplay of government action and commercial activity. We draw on our experience and expertise to provide strategic advice, practical assistance, and creative solutions to clients' trade and investment needs. In all our work, we seek to achieve the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and resourcefulness. We put our clients’ objectives and needs first. We enjoy the challenge of complexity, competition, and change. Our aim is to help our clients adapt to new economic realities, and in doing so, to play a constructive role in shaping our era’s globalization process.

Our work covers six main areas of expertise:

Issue Advocacy: IAS devises and implements strategies for influencing public policy, while promoting a deeper understanding and more favorable image of clients. Our work has been recognized by the American Society of Association Executives and is based on: solid substantive expertise on the issues; extensive contacts in industry, the media and government; and broad experience in public speaking and public testimony.

Coalition Building: Issue advocacy is often best served through coalitions of like-minded groups. IAS participated in numerous coalitions and, when necessary, helped to organize and lead new ones.

Regulatory Problem Solving: IAS focuses on regulatory problem solving with respect to U.S. trade agencies, Customs and Border Protection, Justice (antitrust), and Treasury. Our activities in this area involve analytical support on economic, political, and legal issues arising in trade law investigations; assessment of the impact of currency, trade, tax, regulatory, technological, market, and political developments on clients’ interests, and creative solutions to public policy issues.

International Trade and Investment Assistance: IAS advises and coordinates investment teams for international partnerships or acquisitions. We focus on the special challenges encountered in emerging markets, particularly China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and Africa.

Cross-Border Industry Relations: IAS helps foster cross-border industry cooperation by organizing international study missions for businesses, industry associations, and investors.

Education and Capacity Building: Accurate information and sound understanding are the only basis for informed advocacy. From its founding, IAS has been dedicated to improving understanding of the multilateral trading system, US trade policy, and the full range of factors affecting global competitiveness.